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How Did Cold War Affect Popular Culture - 1415 Words

VIETNAMESE BOAT PEOPLE April 27th, 1975, North Vietnamese soldiers had finally reached the outskirt of the southern capital, Saigon. The war in Viet Nam that lasted 20 years is about to come to an end with communism taking over. It was all over, Saigon was surrounded by North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops. Presiden Nguyen Van Thieu resigned as president and gave his farewell speech and denounced the United States for failing in aiding the South before the North would later come into the city. North Vietnamese forces under the command of Senior General Van Tien Dung began their final attack on Saigon, which was commanded by Gerneral Nguyen Van Toan on April 29th, with a heavy artillery bombardment†¦show more content†¦The boat would then be filled with water to the point it will sink. The biggest threat, the biggest fear for every Vietnamese boat would be the Thai Pirates. Out at sea lurkes pirates, Thai pirates. These pirates are not of the swashbuckling variety rathe r they are common thugs and murderers on the high sea [ - Some Horrible Statistic]. They hurt people with women experiencing the worst of the violence. In October 1983, pirates repeatedly raped 23 of 25 Vietnamese girls and women aboard a boat during a two-day attack [ - Some Horrible Statistics]. By the 1980s, hundred of thousands of Vietnamese refugees, while escaping from Vietnam, were massacred in the sea by these Thai fishermen turned pirates. The way they killed these refugess, which has been documented, was abnoxiously barbarous, and was certainly far more brutal than that of the Nazis or Pol Pots clans [ - Some Horrible statistics]. In many cases, Thai pirates used hammer, machete, or even guns to kill the entire boat, including children and women. At the time, while Western governments sent navy ships to rescue refugees and combat these pirates, the Thai government took no action and was obstructive to the rescue mission. None of these m urderers were ever brought to face the weight of jusitce. The Thai government made no attempt to even prosecute them. ManyShow MoreRelatedCommunism and Popular Culture Essay1510 Words   |  7 PagesTTP9 Pop Culture as History: The War Comes Home After World War II, the United States faced a malevolent philosophical dispute that had spread from within itself. Chapter nine in Thinking Through the Past is titled â€Å"Pop Culture as History: The War Comes Home† because it identifies America’s disposition over the subject of communism during the Cold War era. Historian Stephen J. Whitfield writes his secondary source entitled, â€Å"The Culture of the Cold War† which presents a detailed analysis pertainingRead MoreThe War Of 1812 And The Boer War1522 Words   |  7 Pagesmankind has been involved in conflict and struggle with each other. This has been made clear by the fighting either within nations, or between them. Such examples before WWI include: The French Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Boer War. But WWI would forever change how war was fought, and how life was lived in the world. It ushered in many changes to society. But what if none of this ever happened? What if WWI didn’t exist and the world had never heard of the scores of casualties and millionsRead MoreFashion in the Cold War2197 Words   |  9 PagesFASHION IN THE COLD WAR By Imani Jones Analyze how and why the cold war affected both sides’ fashion styles. The Cold War traumatically affected the lifestyles of the United States, Soviet Union, China and Europe; however, the Cold War played a major role in fashion history. Fashion during the Cold War gave people the opportunity to express themselves through what they wore. Due to Communism in other countries such as China, people were neither able to wear what they wanted nor embraceRead More 1950-1960 Essay1699 Words   |  7 Pages1950-1960 During the 1950s, the United States experienced great change with the end of World War II, making it difficult to label the busy decade. America was the most powerful nation in the world and it was a time of complacency. The United States accepted two new states, Hawaii and Alaska ( The science world boomed with new inventions; televisions broadcast nationally; rock n roll was popular; commercial hotel and fast food chains became common; the car industry exploded; vaccinationsRead MoreThe Effects Of Television Programming On American Citizens1046 Words   |  5 PagesFocus groups were used previous to World War II but, did not become common among marketers until the 1950`s. In the 1980`s focus groups were rediscovered by social scientists and called them â€Å"group interviews† but, the concept remains the same. Popular culture was introduced into popular culture in the 1990`s with President Clinton using them for his research teams. During the origins of fo cus groups 6-10 participants were included who focused on the effects of television programming, film, productRead MoreEssay on The Rise of the American Empire1639 Words   |  7 Pagesgaining independence in the years following the war. Britain’s stage left exit from its hegemonic role resulted in the start of a new â€Å"Great Game† between two burgeoning superpowers. A new world order began to take shape with the United States and USSR vying to establish their own hegemony. Aside from causing a major shift in geopolitical power, WWII also solidified the integral role oil played politically in national security. However, following the war the United States was no longer the world’sRead MoreThe Golden Age Of Tv And Now1603 Words   |  7 Pages TV is such an essential part of our everyday lives, that it would be hard to imagine life without it. Television is an influential medium that produces many pop-culture figures, and trends. The development, iconic people, and legendary programs all have made television’s legacy extraordinary, and quintessential part of American culture. Development: The first television set was invented by Philo Farnsworth, on September 7th, 1927. Surprisingly, he lived without electricity until the age of 14,Read MoreInternational Relations During The Cold War1750 Words   |  7 Pages Final Exam Essay over International Relations This paper will talk about how international relations changed after the cold war in four parts. The first part will be talking about environment. The second part will be talking about religion. The third part is sovereignty. The fourth part will have changes in statehood. The fifth part will talk about gender and then the conclusion. Environment has been growing as an academic subject for the past three decades and now it is on the â€Å"internationalRead MoreLincoln s Impact On The Civil War1564 Words   |  7 PagesResearch Paper During the Civil War, was Abraham Lincoln the cause or the cure? Abraham Lincoln, the man that hit right path toward life while earning respect. He worked hard most of his life and at law, and as a president to keep our nation in one during the Civil War. He had the mindset to get where he needed to go. He lived a long and resentful life full of problems that he fixed. Lincoln’s early life, Lincoln enters presidency, Lincoln’s impact on the Civil War as a president, Lincoln’s EmancipationRead MoreAmerica s Age Of Hope1541 Words   |  7 Pages1980-1989: America’s Age of Hope From where did the vigor of the 1980’s come? 1980 to 1989 was a period in the United States which spurred hope for the economy and in the spirits of the people. The 1980’s were a decade of the American people standing together in tragedy and rejoicing with each other in victory. In 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the decade and an age of an oppression overseas. America cheered for the freedom of her brothers and sisters in Germany. One highlight

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