Thursday, February 27, 2020

Capital Punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Capital Punishment - Essay Example For instance, during the execution of Angel Diaz, via lethal injections, the time taken for him to die, proved to be twice the time that such death was expected to take. Furthermore, some of the witnesses present at the execution were of the opinion that Diaz underwent a significant amount of suffering during the process. Another disquieting feature of this execution was that the medical examiner categorically stated that the lethal injections had not been administered properly (Execution Rules Still Inhumane , 2007). Subsequently, it came to light that these injections had not been administered by a medically trained professional. This execution, which took place in Florida, was effected by injecting a mixture of 3 chemicals. This combination produces extreme pain, which the hapless condemned prisoner cannot express, due to the diabolical inclusion of a paralyzing agent, which constitutes one of these chemicals (Word, 2006). The Floridian authorities have exhibited a total disregard towards rendering executions humane. This was tellingly brought home, by the fact that these authorities ignored the recommendations of a commission appointed by the governor of Florida, which called for the appointment of adequately qualified personnel to carry out the executions, via lethal injections (Execution Rules Still Inhumane , 2007). The Floridian state legislature showed a belated and half – hearted response to the fiasco that was the Diaz execution, by declaring a moratorium on executions. Thereafter, a hearing was conducted into the manner, in which lethal injections were administered to the condemned (Florida Mulls Lethal-Injection Problems, 2007). Capital punishment involves high expenditure. In the US, 36 of the 50 states employ the death penalty against some of their criminals. There is much that is distressing and paradoxical with the US in this regard. It had recently come to light that putting a person to death, in

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